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What To Do in Whistler Creekside: SUMMER

Whistler River of Golden Dreams

The Ideal Day at Whistler Lakes

Whistler Creekside is where it all began. And Whistler literally began as a summer resort, not winter. So, we added all this together and decided to create the perfect plan for you for a perfect summer day.

Our thoughts are these: Whistler began on Alta Lake, which begins near Creekside. Exploring from Creekside often means going along the highway, either to the village or south to some seriously gorgeous country (including the nearby Whistler Olympic Park).

But we’ll save that for another day. Today, you’ll do something entirely different, and entirely authentic Whistler. It’ll be the type of day you’ll talk to your friends about afterward. Make sure to take lots of pictures. Oh, and we hope you like to be out on the water.

Morning: Creekside

Wake up late, for goodness sake. No need to rush. This isn’t winter, and there’s no mad stampede to the gondola line today. No alarm, okay? Wake up with the sun hitting your face and saunter, yes saunter out of bed. Make coffee or don’t. Have a cup of tea maybe. Stretch.

When you’re ready, you’re going to head on over to Alta Lake. We hope you’ll walk there. Give yourself ten minutes. Take sunscreen, a backpack, towel, swim shorts, lots of snacks, including a picnic lunch (if you want, you can pick them up at Creekside Market on the way) a sweater in case the weather changes, and flip flops. You might want to bring a book to read, a change of clothes and water.

Walk to Wayside Park. This is a lovely park where you will rent your boats. If you are so inclined, you can do a little sun salutation before you begin. It might put you in the proper flow for the day.

At $30 an hour, you have the choice to rent a stand-up paddleboard, a canoe, a two person kayak, or, in all seriousness, a pedal boat. You decide.

Alta Lake is huge, and we’re hoping you’ll take advantage of this day and do lots of boat sightseeing.

Noon: Alta Lake

Start paddling! Alta Lake offers quite a few great things to see, including Rainbow Park, which is the original site of the fishing lodge that started this whole thing we call Whistler today.

When you arrive at Rainbow Park, take a look at the original cabins, and get a feel for what it must have been like over one hundred years ago. Have your picnic lunch in this park, and then get paddling again!

Your next stop is the River of Golden Dreams, which we highly recommend paddling. It’s quiet but windy with lots of gorgeous scenery to take in. Don’t forget to drink your water!

Afternoon: Lakeside  Park

Start heading back, making stops along the way as you see fit. Blueberry Park, then Lakeside Park are good places to disembark for a quick rest.

Return your boat and head back to Creekside.

Evening: Back in Creekside

You’ll probably want a shower and rest before dinner. Good thing that everything is so close by in Creekside. While there are several Whistler Creekside dining options, we suggest Samurai Sushi tonight. Enjoy the atmosphere and delicious food. Having won the Whistler’s Best award for many years in a row, this is a place not to miss.