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Whistler Olympic Park Day Lodge

The Day Lodge at Whistler Olympic Park. Photo - Justa Jeskova


The Whistler Olympic Park is located 22km southwest of Whistler in the Callaghan Valley. To get there by car you can drive south on Highway 99 and then turn right onto Callaghan Road. You’ll then begin to climb uphill towards Whistler Olympic Park. This area is also home to wild animals such as bears and eagles, so keep your eyes peeled! 


The Whistler Olympic Park was built for the 2010 Winter Olympics. It took two years of construction to complete and opened to the public in November 2008. During the Olympics, the park hosted the biathlon, cross-country skiing, Nordic combined, and ski jumping. 

Whistler Olympic Park is used throughout the year with lots of activities available in both winter and summer. 

Summer Uses

Even though the park was built for the Winter Olympics, it was designed with year-round use in mind.

Whistler Olympic Park Events Redbull 400

Runners racing up the ski jump! Photo - Mike Crane

Red Bull 400 World Championships

This unique running event makes great use of the ski jump facilities during the summer. Runners must run 400 meters up the ski jump. The slope is 37 degrees steep and incredibly challenging. If you’re a runner, or just like fun challenges, then you can sign up on the Red Bull website.

Biathlon Whistler Olympic Park

The Summer Biathlon. Photo - Mike Crane

E-Bike & Biathlon Adventure Tour

E-bikes are becoming a more and more popular sight in Whistler. These bikes have an electric motor that helps make pedalling easier for the rider. They’re great for people who want to adventure into the forests but are limited by their current fitness level. The e-bike and biathlon adventure tour visits scenic points and viewpoints around Whistler Olympic Park and the biathlon range where you can test your shooting abilities! Or if you’d rather explore by yourself there are e-bike rentals available as well.


If running up the ski jump isn’t your thing, you can hike to the top as part of one of the hiking routes. The views up here are amazing! Or if you prefer a less steep hike, you can hike the ‘Top of The World’ trail up to the lookout.

Disc Golf

Back at the Day Lodge you can relax with family and friends and take part in a round of disc golf. Disc golf is just like golf, except you throw a disc at a basket instead. It’s a great way to spend a sunny afternoon. There are also lots more backyard games available here too.

Winter Uses

Given that the park was built for the Winter Olympics, it’s no surprise that there’s an awful lot of winter activities to do in the park. 

XC Skiing Whistler Olympic Park

XC Skiing at Whistler Olympic Park. Photo - Mike Crane

XC Skiing

There are over 90km of trails here and a wide range of difficulties for every level. You’ll be able to tell your friends that you skied the Olympic course! You’ll also see unbelievable views of the mountains as you ski through old-growth forests and across open meadows. Ski rental and lessons are available from the Day Lodge. 

Snowshoe Trails Whistler Olympic Park

Exploring the snowshoeing trails. Photo - Mike Crane


For a more leisurely visit to the Whistler Olympic Park why not try snowshoeing? This allows you to take a walk across the quiet, snowy landscape at your own pace. With 40km of snowshoeing trails available (with 20km of this being dog-friendly!), you can explore so much of the area around Whistler Olympic Park. 


Here’s your chance to try one of the most unique Winter Olympic sports! Biathlon combines XC skiing and shooting. Race towards the gun range and steady yourself to make the shot at the target. Experienced instructors ensure the utmost safety standards are adhered to and rentals are also available from the Day Lodge.


Trying your hand at Winter Olympic events is a great experience, but sometimes the simplest activities are the best! Give your kids memories of a lifetime by sliding down the multiple runs at Whistler Olympic Park. Or rent a toboggan and helmet from the Day Lodge and relive your childhood!