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The Ultimate Guide to Lakes in Whistler

With the weather getting warmer, more people are getting outside to enjoy the longer days and all of the awesomeness that Whistler has to offer.

A favourite activity for locals and visitors alike is chilling out at one of our many lakes and floating. There are a variety of different ways to get your float on and with this guide, you can float your worries away.

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Whistler has five amazing lakes that are all great for floating on. Each lake has its own unique setting and features. You can float in a canoe, kayak, stand up paddleboard, reusable inflatable device and many other buoyant devices. Each lake has different boating regulations so it’s important to familiarize yourself with those before you head to the lake (if you plan on using a boat). Remember, if you plan to be in a boat that you need to have life jackets, whistle, bailer, and flashlight (for when it gets dark). It’s always better to be over prepared!

Alpha Lake

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Alpha Lake is located in Creekside, at the southern end of Whistler. This lake has both docks and sandy beaches, a playground for children, tennis courts, volleyball courts is dog-friendly.

Alta Lake

Alta Lake is a large lake that is located between Whistler Village and Creekside. There are numerous parks around the lake which makes it a perfect lake for floating enthusiasts.

Lakeside Park on Alta Lake

This park has a sandy beach and a great area for kids to play. There are also BBQs and picnic tables. Lakeside Park also has a concession that rents out canoes and other watercraft during the summer months.

Rainbow Park on Alta Lake

This park is on a part of Alta Lake that has shallow waters paired with a sandy beach. There is a lot of grassy area along with some great spots with shade. There are BBQs and picnic tables along with washrooms, docks and beach volleyball courts. There is also a concession stand and has a dog-friendly zone.

Wayside Park on Alta Lake

Wayside Park is a smaller park with a small beach, dock, BBQs and picnic tables. There are also boat rentals, a concession, washrooms plus there is a wheelchair accessible walkway.

Green Lake

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Green Lake is located north of Whistler Village. This lake has a boat launch, picnic tables and has a float plane dock. Since this is a glacier-fed lake, it can be a tad chilly to swim in but makes for a great lake to float on (especially on those hot summer afternoons).

Lost Lake

Lost Lake is located in Lost Lake Park and surrounded by a beautiful forest. At this lake, there is a sandy beach, concession stand, picnic tables, BBQs and there is a designated area for your dogs to be off-leash. There is also a lot of trails close by for hiking and biking.

Nita Lake

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Nita Lake is a small lake close Nita Lake Lodge and Creekside Village. This lake has a dock and is stocked for Rainbow Trout fishing. There is a pebble beach and very small park with picnic tables

All of these lakes are easy to get to by public transit, bicycle and car. There is no admission required to spend time at these lakes and each lake offers a different experience.

If you are looking for a more adrenaline fueled float, you can go on a guided canoe tour down the River of Golden Dreams. It’s best to explore this river on a guided tour because a trained guide knows the river, which will help keep you safe.

Another unique way to float is to go on a sightseeing tour with Sea to Sky Air via float plane. This a special way to see Whistler from a different perspective. Also, you can get to and from Whistler by float plane, depending on the season.

Whistler Lakes Activity Guide

Float Etiquette

We know that you are eager to get to the water (or air) and float, frolic splash and play but first, let’s review some etiquette.

  1. Leave no trace and always pack out what you pack in. Take everything with you that you brought and if you notice garbage from other groups, take that with you, too!
  2. Everyone is there for a good time so try not to disturb other groups with loud music/noise.
  3. Remember that the sun is hot and to stay protect your skin, head and to drink a lot of water.
  4. Consuming alcohol in public is illegal.
  5. Smoking can only be done in designated smoking areas.
  6. Be aware of any fire bans. Whistler can be very hot and often there is a fire ban in the summer. If there is a fire ban you must NOT have a fire.
  7. If you break your floatation device, throw it out and DO NOT LITTER.
  8. Have fun and take pictures!

We look forward to being your home away from home and your floatation hub of choice. Evolution Whistler is only steps away to some amazing lakes, rivers and trails and we can’t wait to have you stay with us.

Photo Credit: Mike Crane