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Road Cycling in Whistler

A sunny day on Whistler’s roads. Photo Credit - Mike Crane

Whistler is a world-renowned mountain biking destination, and rightly so. We have an amazing bike park with gondola access and a never-ending trail network throughout the valley. But an often overlooked activity in Whistler is road cycling. All these magnificent mountains and views make for some incredibly memorable road rides.

Whistler Cycling Routes

Riders getting their wheels in motion. Photo Credit - Mike Crane

Whistler Cycling Routes

The terrain here in Whistler attracts mountain bikers and skiers year round. This steep mountainous area is also a fantastic challenge for road cyclists. Thankfully, there are a number of exciting routes for all levels of riders.

Whistler Olympic Callaghan Valley biking Route

Whistler Olympic Park Cycling Route

Heading south on Highway 99 towards the Callaghan Valley you’ll be subjected to 10km of undulating hills before a steep downhill to the turnoff for the Olympic Park. Once you make the right hand turn across the highway the climb begins.

The arduous climb is nearly 15km long with very little let up. The road is often quiet and desolate, so keep an eye out for the wildlife here. As you reach The Olympic Park at the top you can see the ski jump that was used in the Olympics. There’s a water fountain here, so make sure you top up before heading back. This ride is 55km long and just a touch under 1,000m in elevation gain.

Whistler Pemberton Cycle Route

Whistler - Pemberton Cycling Route

This ride is a tale of two extremes. Leaving Whistler and heading north towards Pemberton, you’ll zip downhill until you hit ‘Suicide Hill’. This incredibly steep and winding climb is sometimes impassable in winter and will challenge the physicality and mentality of any rider.

The hills give way to a long, flat stretch into the village of Pemberton. Treat yourself to a coffee at Mt. Currie Coffee and drink in the views, before turning around and heading south. This ride totals 76km and has an elevation gain of just over 1,200m.

Tour De Whistler Road Bike Route

Tour de Whistler Cycling Route

The most gruelling route in Whistler. The main aim of the Tour de Whistler is to link together all the biggest climbs in town. This 52km ride has an elevation gain of a whopping 1,500m. The climbs on this ride will take you up Alpine Way, Stonebridge, Kadenwood, and Nordic.

What goes up, must come down, so make sure you’re brakes are in good condition as these descents are some of the fastest you’ll ride! The Tour de Whistler will bring you through most of our neighbourhoods and is a great way to see some of the incredible homes here.

Whistler Granfondo Bike Route Map

RBC GranFondo Whistler Cycling Route

The RBC GranFondo Whistler is the highlight of the road cycling calendar in the Lower Mainland. The aim of the GranFondo is to be a large, inclusive ride that allows people to achieve their goals. You’ll find professional participants who want to win and break the course record, as well as cyclists who simply want to complete this iconic and challenging course.

The 120km course starts in Stanley Park and heads north on Highway 99 towards Whistler. The first 60km of the ride consists of a series of punchy climbs and short descents. After that there's a 10km plateau as you come through Brittania Beach, you’ll need this break to prepare for what's next!

The remaining 50km is a brutal climb towards Whistler with an elevation gain of over 600m alone! After battling the hills and coming out on top, you’ll finish at Whistler Olympic Plaza to cheering supporters, live music and a celebration of cycling! In total, you will have just cycled 120km and climbed 2,500m.

Bike Friendly Whistler

As well as having incredible trails and routes, Whistler embraces all aspects of cycling. Here in Whistler Creekside, we have bike rental facilities with Whistler Blackcomb, bike mechanics in Coastal Culture, and of course, direct access to Whistler’s Valley Trail. The Valley Trail is the best way to leisurely cycle to all of our lakes, viewpoints, and neighbourhoods.