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If you enjoy a walk in the woods, hanging out with friends and friendly competition, then disc golf is a sport you need to try!

It’s a great afternoon activity where you get copious amounts of fresh air and exercise, all while having a blast with your friends! It’s also an inexpensive activity; you only have the 1-time expense of purchasing a disc.

Whistler Disc Golf Hole

Whistler is lucky to have two excellent disc golf courses to choose from:

Whistler Disc Golf Course

The official disc golf course of Whistler is located in Spruce Grove underneath the power lines in the back of Lost Lake Park. There are 27 holes that consist of 18 baskets and nine tonal poles.

Kadenwood Disc Golf Course

Also known as Whistler’s ‘secret disc golf course’ or the Brio course, the Kadenwood disc golf course is located halfway up the hill to the Kadenwood development in Bayshores. Kadenwood is a significantly shorter course with approximately ten tonal poles, but still a great course.

Both courses are open to the public and free to use.

Whistler Golf Disc Basket

Disc Golf vs Frisbee

The only similarity in tossing a regular frisbee vs tossing a disc are the core elements; there are many more aspects and components to throwing a disc. In disc golf, there are numerous tosses with multiple names for each toss. The toss you choose depends on the distance you are the hole and at what angle.

Common tosses include:

  • Forehand - you use the same motion as throwing a regular frisbee
  • Sidearm - you throw from the same side of your body that is holding the disc
  • Tomahawk/flick - an overhand throw
  • Put - used when close to the hole, could be a small forehand, underhand or push throw

There is no true 'right' toss for everyone, go with whatever feels comfortable and will get you closest to the hole.

Whistler Disc Golf Course Entry

Disc Golf Tips

Another aspect of disc golf is the type of disc you are using. There are many different types of discs all used for different distances and throws. A few popular ones include midrange, putt & approach, distance driver, and fairway driver.

Along with the toss you choose and the disc you are using, there are four other things to consider: grip, stance, windup and release. If you’re a first timer do not worry about these things but as you progress they are elements to consider.

Our tips for the game include:

  • Using a fairway driver, it is a good choice if you are going to use one disc for all throws
  • Try to stay on the Fairway
  • Always have a strong wrist, don’t let it flop when you release the disc
  • Take time to look around and enjoy the views
  • Go play and just have fun!

Looking to buy some discs? Stores in Whistler that sell discs include Sportstop, the Hardware Store, and Nesters Liquor Store.

Disc Golf is an activity that can be played year round, and in the winter time, people will play in snowshoes.

Get out there, have fun and learn something new!

Whistler Disc Golf Course Basket

Bonus: Pemberton’s Disc Golf Course

If you’re up for the trip, Pemberton is also home to a disc golf course! Located just off the side of the Nairn Falls Connector Trail in between One Mile Lake and Nairn Falls Campground, Pemberton’s disc golf course is only a short 25-minute drive North of Whistler. Like most disc golf courses, Pemberton is free to play and features nine holes only a short walk from One Mile Lake.

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This post was originally published on September 19th, 2015 and updated on April 11th, 2018