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Whistler Activity Ideas for the Aug 26th Weekend

The weekend ahead has a mix of every type of weather, and so, we've come up with three activities to make the most of the weekend, plus our favourite restaurants for a delicious meal, regardless of class or food.

Garibaldi Lake Hike – Rain or Shine - 5 to 8 Hours

Garibaldi Lake is a spectacular glacier-fed lake that sits at 1,450m in Garibaldi Provincial Park. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, towering glaciers, alpine meadows and volcanic mountains. The hike into the lake is 18 km round trip and has an elevation gain of 810m. The average trip time is 5 - 8 hours and depends on pace and the amount of time spent at the lake.

The hike begins with what feels like an endless amount switchbacks, you gain elevation with every step you take. These switchbacks go on for roughly 6 km, during this time you pass through an impressive forest of giant Western Red Cedars and Douglas-firs. At the top of the switchbacks is Taylor Meadows Junction and this is where the trail levels out. From here the Lake is only 3km away. Once at the Lake you can relax for as long as you’d like, sit along the shores and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Trip Tips: 

  • Bringing lots of water
  • Starting early in the morning
  • Wearing comfortable hiking shoes
  • Bringing band aids and mole skin in case of blisters
  • Bringing a lunch for the lake and snacks for trial side
  • Don’t forget your camera

Turquoise Garibaldi Lake

Whistler Disc Golf - Shine or Cloud - 2 to 3 Hours 

Round up some friends and head to the Disc Golf course in the back of Lost Lake Park. Disc Golf includes walking in the woods, hanging out with your friends and friendly competition. It’s a great activity where you get a bounteous amount of fresh air, exercise, all while having a blast with your friends. It’s an inexpensive activity, with a 1-time purchase of a disc. The Whistler Disc Golf course consists of 27 holes, 18 are baskets, and 9 are tonals.
There are many more variables to consider when tossing a disc vs. tossing a regular Frisbee. In Disc Golf there are numerous tosses with multiple names for each toss. Your distance from and angle to the hole will predict the toss you choose. There is no true ‘right’ toss for everyone and every hole. There are also many different types of discs, all used for different distances and throws.

Disc Golf Tips:

  • If you are going to use one disc for the entire game, go with a fairway driver
  • Try to stay on the Fairway
  • Always have a strong wrist, don’t let your wrist flop when you release the disc
  • Take time to look around and enjoy the views 
  • Head to Lost Lake for a dip after the game.

Disc Golf Lost Lake

The Escape Room - All Conditions - 45min

The Escape Room experience is a real-life game where groups of 2 to 6 people are placed inside a themed room and have 45min to escape. The group is presented with puzzles, riddles, and clues which must be solved to “Escape” from the rooms situation. There are four themes to choose from, the Pirate Ship, Lost Tomb, Burned Cabin and Rabbit Hole. To solve the obstacles your team must be creative and work together. In case you are at a dead end, you can have two clues along the way. 

Escape Tip: Team Work!

Sushi Village Chef

Our favourite restaurants for a delicious dinner, with no specific class or type of food include:

Have a great weekend in Whistler!