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Whistler Wanderlust Festival Events All year round Whistler has a very inspired and active yoga community, there are numerous Yoga studios and yoga teacher training courses in Whistler. These include Yoga Cara, Yama Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, White Gold Yoga, Neoalpine Yoga and Loka Yoga, to name only a few, plus many hotels offer yoga classes in their facilities for their guests.

Whistler’s community is all about living well and enjoying every moment. It only makes sense that there is a 5 day festival in Whistler centered on the yoga community. Attendees include yoga and meditation instructors, musical performers, speakers, artists, and chefs.

Wanderlust 2

Wanderlust Festival is happening from July 30th – August 3rd, 2015 all throughout Whistler. This festival is a celebration of Mindful Living and its core mission is to create "community" around this mindful living. Focusing on the principles of:

  • Whistler Wanderlust Yoga poses Practice Yoga - Helps to clear the mind, tone the body, and heal the spirit.
  • Eat Well - We are what we eat, eat local and purchase organic
  • Be Green - be good stewards of the earth
  • Practice Purpose - value social good as well as the bottom line
  • Create Awareness – through mass action issues of environmental damage to food shortages to disease to political upheaval, can be improved or solved
  • Show Case Art - creative expression is both valued and open, providing a canvas to be creative

Wanderlust Whistler

The Wanderlust 5 day experience includes:

  • Practicing Yoga & Meditation
  • Listening to live music
  • Exploring the outdoors by going on a hike, run, walk or bike ride
  • Learning at speak-easy talks
  • Tasting local and sustainable foods

Whether you are an experienced yogi, mediator or are brand new to practice, there are activities to create an ideal day. With classes for all levels and a wide variety of practice styles and venue types. You can challenge yourself with something new such as stand up paddle board yoga, or mix in a relaxing yin classes with sweaty, uplifting vinyasa. Take part in an outdoor class with hundreds of other yogis moving to the same beat or practice at 6000 feet on Whistler Mountain in the fresh mountain air. Plus much more.

Whistler Wanderlust Live Concert

Wanderlust aims to be an experience that will get into the mind, body and soul. Attendees leaving with new ideas, new friends, newly-discovered abilities, and greater peace. Hope to see you there!

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