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Evolution welcomes all walks of life, including your little furry friends. No need to leave behind Lassie, Bella or whatever your dog prefers to be called, as Evolution is a pet-friendly Whistler hotel.

There is a fee of $26 plus tax per night for up to 2 pets. All reservations confirmed as a pet reservation will be welcomed with a pet bed, a towel, two bowls for food and water and a delicious treat. There are two sizes of pet beds available to accommodate all our large and small furry visitors.

Allergy Alert – we strongly advise guests with pet allergies NOT to book Evolution. All suites are pet-friendly and we cannot accommodate requests for non-pet rooms.

Dog-Friendly Parks & Beaches

Whistler, overall, is quite welcoming of pets. From dedicated dog parks to ensuring an ample supply of doggy bags all along the main walkways and throughout Whistler Village, you will find everything you need to make your stay that much more enjoyable. Below is a listing of pet-friendly parks in Whistler.

Alpha Lake Park

Located in Creekside, only a leisurely 10-minute stroll from Evolution. There is a designated dog area here called Arfa Park where dogs are allowed off-leash all day. This park includes a big, grassy field for dogs to play in. Dogs are also allowed off-leash in Alpha Lake Park before 10 AM and after 8 PM.

Rainbow Park

Located on the west side of Alta Lake just off Alta Lake Road and accessible via the Valley Trail from Evolution. Their designated dog area is called Barking Bay and dogs are allowed off-leash all day.

Lost Lake Park 

Located off Lost Lake Road, close to Whistler's Upper Village. Canine Cove is their designated dog area. Its sandy beach is available for use by dogs all day and night.

Meadow Park

Located north of Whistler Village close to Meadow Park Sports Centre, off leash times are before 10 AM and after 8 PM.

Dog-Friendly Trails

There are several trails around Whistler that you can enjoy with your pet. Suggested trails include:

  • Whistler Valley Trail
  • The Sea to Sky Trail
  • Brandywine Falls
  • Whistler Interpretive Forest
  • Ancient Cedars Walk
  • Nairn Falls

Dog Sitting & Walking Services

Due to our requests of not leaving your pets alone in our guest rooms, we would be delighted to assist you in arranging dog walking or pet sitting services. We understand there may be times when you would like some time off from you beloved pets, so allow us to assist.

Whistler Dog Sitting Services include in room sitting and adventure walks. They will also pick up your from the hotel.

Alpine Dogs Services include dog walking, sitting and training.

Veterinary Clinics

Coast Mountain Veterinary Located in Creekside at 203-2011 Innsbruck Drive. A 5-minute walk from Evolution.

Animal Health Clinic of Whistler Located in Function Junction at 7 - 11 Millar Creek Road.